iAllergic iPhone App

If you have a food allergy and like to eat out, then iAllergic is the app for you. It will show you what menu items have what food allergies for a bunch of popular restaurants.

Technology Used : iOS 4.0 SDK


An online version of the popular super bowl squares game. It makes it possible for users to manage their pools online, instead of using paper.

Technology Used :Python, Django, MySQL, Linux, Jquery

iCarb iPhone App

iCarb is a simple easy to use iPhone application that allows you to easily look up carbohydrate and other nutritional information for some of the most common food items around.

Technology Used : iOS 4.0 SDK


Online Campground Directory and Reviews, with images, directions, amenity lists, advanced campground search, and more.

Technology Used : Java, Tomcat, Apache Struts, Tiles, DWR, Google Maps, PostgreSQL, Linux

FaceFlipper iPhone App

FaceFlip out your friends and family or even yourself! With this application you can mix and match the most outrageous combinations of faces, then send them off for a good laugh. All your photos can be taken from your phone, and saved in your face vault for later use. There are nearly endless combinations, so grab the application and FaceFlip the ones you know today!

Technology Used : iOS 4.0 SDK


A community of Movie Lovers who write movie reviews, gain points and win Movie Prizes. Upcoming Movies, trailers, posters, and cast for over 100,000 movies

Technology Used : Java, Tomcat, Apache Struts, Tiles, MySQL, Linux

UPA Handbook iPhone App

The Official Rules of Ultimate 11th Edition as an easy to use iPhone application, no internet connection required.

Technology Used :iOS 4.0 SDK

Client Quotes

"Zanbow is awesome, they did everything that I needed on time and on budget."

Chris Estes


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